Selma’s Sights to See: Carnaby Street

Going to school in London, we get to be so close to locations that people around the world travel hundreds of miles to visit. One of those locations is  Carnaby Street. Located a one minute walk from Oxford Circus Station, Carnaby Street buzzes with life. It’s filled with unique and mainstream shops along with a wide variety of restaurants and cafes. 

Situated along the lively road, there is a quite the idiosyncratic shoe shop called Irregular Choice. It is best described by its name. It is filled with unique and quirky shoes inspired by joy. The range contains a Disney collection, a unicorn collection and many more original shoes that are unlike anything you have ever seen before. 

Farther down Carnaby Street there is a narrow hallway wedged between two shops with the name Kingly Court displayed outside. If you walk down, you will come to a wide, two story tall courtyard filled with restaurants and cafes. There are many types of incredible food you could try, like ribs at Dirty Bones which is a NYC  inspired restaurant with classic American comfort food. Or you could get Japanese food at OKA, a modern yet cozy restaurant, specialising in handmade sushi and sashimi. If you wanted a healthier option, you could always try an acai bowl from Acai Berry. This superfood restaurant specializes in smoothies and acai bowls topped with fresh fruit made with the finest ingredients. Directly across from Acai Berry you will find Pizza Pilgrims, an authentic pizzeria with classic Neapolitan Cuisine. The prices are cheap and the atmosphere is lively and happy. 

Just outside the main street, you will see Liberty, a luxury department store. As it opened in 1875, the architectural style of the building is Tudor Revival making it stand out against London’s modern skyline. Liberty is best for its luxury fashion, cruelty free cosmetics, jewelry, furniture and its wide range of floral and graphic fabrics. Although the prices are quite steep, it is a great place to look around at the unique items for sale or to admire the old-fashioned architecture. 

Carnaby Street is an exciting and lively place with many unique stores, delicious places to eat and a guaranteed good time. 

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