Towfighi’s Top 3: Burritos

Benito’s Hat
5 / 5 Stars 5 / 5 Stars 
Baby Chicken burrito and Jarritos drink with corn chips £7.62
Address: 12 Great Castle Street,Oxford Circus 
London W1W 8LR
Distance from ASL: 9 minute tube ride on Jubilee and Central lines to Oxford Circus + 1 minute walk to Benito’s Hat

1 Starting off Towfighi’s Top 3 is Benito’s Hat, a Mexican restaurant located in Oxford Circus. Benito’s Hat is really easy to get to by tube and altogether the journey takes about 10 minutes from ASL. 

The restaurant itself is colorful with ample room to sit.

As for the food, it was easily the best burrito out of the three. To start with, there is a selection of burrito size; you can order the baby burrito or the regular burrito depending on how hungry you are. If you are ordering the baby burrito because it is cheaper (not because you actually want a smaller burrito)  keep in mind that the larger burrito is most likely the better option in this case as the size is much bigger.

The Baby Chicken Burrito and Jarritos drink with corn chips at Benito’s Hat was surprisingly cheap for the amount of food you received. The great tasting burrito is why Benito’s Hat is number one on Towfighi’s Top 3 (Photo by Spencer Towfighi).

The grilled chicken was impeccable because of its juiciness and seasonings. The chicken was soft and it was heated. The rice wasn’t crunchy making it taste good and they didn’t put too much rice on which can ruin a burrito. The cheese was really excellently grated into little strips and the taste itself was rich and complimented the chicken. Also, the cheese melted whilst in the burrito making it even better. 

Along with the great meal, for the amount of food you get the price is really good coming with a side of corn chips if you order a burrito. Also, a 10% student discount is included with proof of ID( ASL ID works). 

Overall, Benito’s Hat had amazing food, good location, and a good price. These are the reasons it is number one on Towfighi’s Top 3. 

4 / 5 Stars
Chicken burrito and San Pellegrino £8.30
Address: 101-103 Baker Street, Marylebone, 
London W1U 6LN
Distance from ASL: 7 minute tube ride on Jubilee line to Baker Street + 5 minute walk to Chipotle

 2 Second on Towfighi’s Top 3, we have Chipotle, a Mexican fast food restaurant located around the world. The location of the restaurant is great. It is one stop on the tube from St Johns Wood to Baker Street and the walk is around 5 minutes to the restaurant. 

Inside Chipotle, the tables are very clean and there is a lot of space to sit which is definitely a plus.

The Chicken Burrito and San Pellegrino at Chipotle tasted really good but the expensive price is why Chipotle fell to number two on Towfighi’s Top 3 (Photo by Spencer Towfighi).

In terms of the food, overall the burrito tasted good. The chicken was the best part as it was well seasoned and warm. The rice was okay, but it lacked some flavor. The cheese tasted good, but the burrito wasn’t warm enough so the cheese didn’t melt making it taste a bit worse. Also, the way the burrito was made there was one side with no chicken and all cheese and another side of all chicken and rice and no cheese which was sad as you would expect the employee making the burrito to spread the ingredients out. 

Overall, the burrito all together tasted really good, but the price is what holds it back. For a burrito and a drink, it cost £8.30 which is really expensive. The reason Chipotle wasn’t an excellent burrito is because they lacked one stand out ingredient. Chipotle was more expensive than Benito’s Hat and Benito’s Hat was by far the better burrito. Even though the burrito was good, the high price and the excellence of Benito’s Hat is why Chipotle falls to second on Towfighi’s Top 3.

2 / 5 stars
Chicken burrito and lemonade £7.40
Address: 227 Finchley Road, London 
Distance from ASL: 2 minute tube ride on Jubilee line to Finchley Road + less than a 1 minute walk to Tortilla

 3 Third on Towfighi’s Top 3 is Tortilla. Tortilla is a Mexican fast food restaurant located all over London. The location is by far the best of the three. It takes less than 3 minutes to get there from ASL as it is a 2 minute tube ride and the walk from Finchley Road tube stop to Tortilla is less than 1 minute.

The Chicken Burrito and Lemonade at Tortilla was the worst of the three but, the disappointing burrito is why it is last on Towfighi’s Top 3 (Photo by Spencer Towfighi) .

Sadly, the burrito couldn’t match the excellent location. To start off with, the burrito was poorly wrapped and halfway through eating it the burrito fell apart which is incredibly disappointing as you would expect the employee could wrap the burrito properly. 

The chicken was soupy and cold making the burrito soggy and bit gross. The cheese tasted good and complemented the chicken, but it didn’t melt mostly because the burrito was soggy and cold because of the chicken. 

On the bright side, the chicken, even though it was cold, was seasoned well and had a taste that made the burrito somewhat enjoyable to eat. 

The price was also the cheapest of the three restaurants and the burrito size is big meaning if you are really hungry, it is good. 

Even though the location was really good and the price was the cheapest of the three restaurants, the disappointing and cold burrito is why Tortilla falls to last on Towfighi’s Top 3. 

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