Student Showdown: Students should have to take the WrAP test

Eighth-grader Chloe Chace believes that students should have to take the WrAP test (photo by Bella Worrell).

The ERB WrAP test is a standardized writing test that is taken by ASL students in grades three through twelve. It provides students with the opportunity to practice their on-demand writing skills to respond to a prompt over a two day period. “I think it can show you… what you need to improve on and it helps you work on that,” said eighth-grader Chloe Chace. Chloe supports the use of the WrAP test and believes that it is a helpful tool to improve writing.

“WRAP testing prepares you for future tests like the SATs where you have on-demand writing,” explained Chloe. In high school, students must take the SATs or ACTs which require students to be well-versed in on-demand writing. Chloe feels that implementing the WrAP test from third grade onwards allows students to develop the necessary skills to take more important tests in the future.

The scoring on WrAP tests is also an easy way for students to identify the areas of their writing that need improvement. “It’s helpful to look at your scores and be able to see your strengths and weaknesses,” said Chloe who explained that the WrAP test points out specific areas to work on, and gives you the opportunity to grow as a writer. “It just shows me my weaker areas where I need to improve on,” she said. “Last year, I thought I was really good at grammar, but after seeing my scores on the WrAP test… it shows how I need to improve.”

“I think all standardized testings are really good,” Chloe stated. She believes that the concept of being graded by someone outside of ASL and on a specific rubric is generally beneficial. Chloe also feels that standardized tests bring the unique experience of being graded against a larger group than your English class.  “I think it’s good to compare to other schools,” she said.

Chloe supports the use of WrAP testing in schools, and thinks that it improves the experience of writing overall. “It helps you get better at writing and you’re just going to like it more,” she said.

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