Fifth-graders give advice on transition to middle school

As students get older and begin to transition into the higher years of school, such as the transition between lower and middle school, they can be presented with challenges and scary aspects of change that they have not previously experienced.  Often times, it can be very helpful for younger students to receive a few wise words from older students.  Thankfully, there were some fifth-graders eager to help their younger fellow pupils out by giving some words of advice.

One piece of advice about the transition between fourth and fifth grade was about attitude. “You always want to stay happy and positive because that will make it easier,” said fifth grader Grace Schneider.

There was general agreement that staying positive was the best advice. “Don’t get too nervous,” said fifth grader Gabrielle Meidar. “Relax and just have some fun because it’s going to be a great year.”

Fifth grader Casey Johnston points out that in addition to a positive attitude, students coming up from the Lower School will have to deal with homework for the first time. “You should be happy and still be kind, and always do your homework. It’s as easy as that.”

Some fifth graders think that there are things new fifth graders can do to prepare themselves for the additional work they will get as well. “In the early fall of fifth grade, to ease you into it, practice giving yourself work,” said fifth-grader Kate Sheehan. “You will be gradually given homework in fifth grade but giving yourself practice work will help you ease into it faster.”

Mr. Matt Twiest, a fifth grade teacher, thinks that incoming students shouldn’t let older kids scare them about what is to come. “Don’t pay too much attention to older siblings because they tend to seem like it was a mountain to climb, like it was an impossible task,” said Mr. Twiest. “In fact, it wasn’t, and when they were in fifth grade they had the same feelings.” Mr. Twiest explained that the transition is different for every person, and that the fifth grade experience varies year to year.

Hopefully this advice will help with the challenging yet exciting transition from the lower school to the middle school.

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