Boys middle school tennis team had rewarding season despite few practices

Eighth grader Alp Alkan serves the ball to his opponent while eighth grader Drew Kraft waits. This game took place on April 4 (photo by Addie Griggs).

The boys middle school tennis team had a successful season this year, winning all of their team matches. Throughout the year the team bonded, came together, and improved as individuals. To end the season, the team had a solid performance at the LSSA Festival, despite the fact that the London weather took its toll and they had to end abruptly.

The team’s first match of the season was away at ACS Cobham on April 4. At this match, the team set the bar for the rest of the season to come. The team really worked hard and the team proved that they were going to succeed. The last match was at home versus TASIS on May 18. By this point in the season, they played well and came closer as a whole.

This season would have been even better if the team was able to practice together more. During the season the team had only seven practices. This didn’t allow them to get to know each other as tennis players well, but this did not stop the team from winning.

Coach Dan Sullivan and Coach Dave Nesling could both agree that the one thing they wanted to see most out of the team was to improve and learn from the tennis each person played. Drills, matches, and competitions are what got the team to where they are.

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