Middle School girls tennis team has challenging season

Eighth grader Emmaline Rickert and seventh grader Maxine Wandsworth get ready to hit the ball back to their opponent. This match took place on May 18 (photo by Addie Griggs).

This year the middle school girls tennis team had a fun season. Twelve seventh and eighth  grade students participated in the Middle School Tennis program to challenge themselves, bond with each other, and learn.

This season was quite challenging. Seventh grader Ainslie Kell said, “I felt like all the games we played were challenging because there were different people on the other teams who we played against and some of them were better than us, but I thought that being challenged was very fun.”

As well as being challenged the team was pushed too, and to their potential. “The team definitely played to their full potential because every single competition we worked as hard as we could,” said Kell.

The team’s potential really showed on the court even when the team was nervous. “When we are about to play in a competition everyone is nervous,” said Kell.

In addition, the team started not knowing people from different grade levels but by the end of the season they were bonding with them. Kell said, “I thought the eam definitely bonded because before tryouts, some of the seventh graders had no idea who some of the eighth graders were, but over time and practice we got to know one another.”

To finish the season, the team went to the LSSA festival at Royal Holloway University hosted by ACS Egham. “LSSAs were very good. We won most of our matches and it was really fun to play against schools we had never played before.” Said Kell.

Overall, the team had a fun, but challenging season, and a great way to end the season.

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