DIY – Make Your Own Stress Ball Before Next Year!


A cup or 60 ml of flour

An empty, dried out water bottle

A funnel 3 balloons

A pair of scissors for cutting balloons and trimming excesses balloon ends

Step 1

Measure out your flour, and pour the flour into your empty water bottle through your funnel.

Step 2

Blow up your first balloon up a small amount and twist the bottom to keep the air in.

Step 3

Stretch the opening of the balloon over the top of the water bottle and untwist the bottom of the balloon.

Step 4

Turn the bottle and the balloon upside down and squeeze the water bottle to get all the flour into the balloon.

Step 5

Take the balloon off of the water bottle and slowly let out the air, and when all the air is out tie the balloon closed. Take your second balloon and cut it roughly in half, stretch the bottom half over the balloon with the flour in it to make sure no flour leaks out.

Step 6

Repeat that process with another balloon.

Tip: if there is any access on the end of the third balloon, tying it closed ensures for no leaking flour.


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