New Power Rangers movie not worth seeing, buying

The new movie follows a similar plot to the original movie, including having five teenagers who turn into Power Rangers (from

Go Go Power Rangers! And you should just go go right past the cinema! A new Power Rangers movie has been made, and it follows a similar plot to the original 1993 movie. Filled with new drama, the origins of the Power Rangers, and not-so-great special effects, you will surely not enjoy this movie. Actors Naomi Scott, Dacre Montgomery, Ludi Lin, Becky G and RJ Cyler all make an appearance in this picture.

The 2017 Power Rangers movie follows an exciting plot based on previous work done on Power Rangers series and comics. In this film, each of the five teenage main characters lead a troubled life. Three of them are considered troublemakers, one is a high-school dropout, and the last teenager thinks she is incapable of keeping and making friends. They are all present when Billy (the blue ranger) finds magical gems, which later will turn them into Power Rangers.

This story is about friendship and stays light and humorous the whole time while following a distinct plotline. The classic bad guy and army are present, and the conflicts that emerge keep you entertained throughout the entire film. However, the conflicts seen are not the only high points throughout this movie.

  There is a good representation of all genders, and both genders share an equal amount of screentime. The characters seen also have very different personalities, which is more entertaining as some of the jokes that are put forward by the less serious characters are real knee-slappers. There is comic relief in this movie, and I personally felt the movie was bad enough that it was needed.

Another thing, which I have briefly already touched on, is that the Power Rangers theme is really consistent throughout the whole movie. Though the characters could be hard to read (at times) I always knew what the main goal was, and how close they were to achieving it.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the soundtrack. Throughout the whole movie, you are kept somewhat interested and immersed, though I am not necessarily sure that is a good thing. The songs are modern and related to the movie, and all the music fit with the whole Power Rangers theme. It is upbeat at appropriate times while being sadder and more soulful when the scene is appropriate.

Power Rangers has its flaws. Right off the bat, the camera angles go insane. I felt that especially during the first 15 minutes of the film, the camera angles were distracting, confusing, and made me feel very sick due to the constant motion. At one point the camera spins around and around, and another camera shot is angled diagonally in a place that doesn’t even make sense. Not only did the camera angles leave me confused, but the proportions throughout this movie are a different matter altogether. Based on camera placement and changing of scenes, I imagined an object way bigger than it actually was, which is very confusing.

Besides the odd camera angles and proportions, the special effects seen in this movie will not leave you impressed. I will give credit to the makers of this film, however, as the special effects gradually improved over the course of the movie. Everything follows the plot of the old TV shows, and from the special effects, you can definitely see the resemblance between the two shows. This movie is really not something special when being compared with the old TV shows.

In the end, though this movie had good jokes cracked and sweet moments; it is really quite ridiculous. It is not something new, compared to the older TV series, and the conflicts between Power Rangers and the bad guy are not really special. Sorry to let you down Power Rangers fans, but this is not something worth your money or time. This movie, as every movie, had its good points but those were not enough for me to consider this movie a good one. Bye, bye Power Rangers! Come back when you have a better movie for us.

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