ASL should offer more performing arts opportunities for middle school students

In the Middle School, extra-curricular activities are strongly supported, and all students are encouraged to participate. Athletics are very popular, and every season students have the opportunity to try out for a sport. Students do not have the same opportunities with drama extracurriculars.

Every season at least three sports are offered. You have the option to participate in another sport, as there is always one no-cut sport offered. In the performing arts there are very few opportunities. There are two drama events that take place over the course of the year — the school production and a drama festival, both held in the winter. The Middle School offers many opportunities to participate in athletics, yet very few opportunities to participate in performing arts. 

If you’re interested in a sport but also drama, do you have the chance to participate in both? One of the winter sports offered is basketball. Students are currently unable to participate in both basketball and the school production because the basketball schedule interferes with the school production.

If there were more productions taking place over the course of the year, say one every season, more students would have the opportunity to be involved with drama, as well as sports. It would give students the chance to be involved in both athletics and performing arts, and give them an opportunity to try different things.

When season sports are coming up, the halls of the middle school buzz with people talking about who is trying out, the new sport shoes you got, and how you mastered your left handed euro-step. On game days, you can smell the popcorn wafting through the halls, causing the talk of, “I can’t wait till I get to concessions after school! Are you watching the volleyball game?” Concessions plays a significant role of the school athletic spirit. It is a way of advertising there is a game at school. Having the concessions stand brings attention to a sports game, whereas there is very little attention brought to the school production in terms of advertisement. I believe that it is time for the performing arts department to offer more extracurricular opportunities for students.

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