DIY – A Cozy Place to Read

Step 1: Find a corner and de-clutter

Finding a small area to use as a reading nook isn’t too difficult. An example of a space could be between your window and a wardrobe. Cleaning the nook out is a bit more difficult if you’re a hoarder, but it’s definitely worth the cleaner space.



Step 2: Add a canopy

For the cosiest result, you might want to take a sheet or a scarf and attach it to something above where you’re going to be reading. Make sure that your sheet or scarf is very light, as it could fall if it’s too heavy to hang above your head.



Step 3: Add pillows, throws, and decorations

In a reading space, comfy pillows and blankets are a must. If a bean bag is available, use it for maximum comfort. For decoration, fairy lights would be ideal, as they are both useful and pretty. If you want to get into the Christmas season, Christmas tree lights would be fine too.



Step 4: Get a warm blanket and read!

This is probably the easiest step. Simply take a good book, a blanket, tea, and read!

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