Softball has strong season despite lack of experience

Eighth-grader Ava Crawford delivers a pitch on May 17. This was during a game against ACS Cobham where the team won 8-2 (photo by Cloe Tchelikidi).
Eighth-grader Ava Crawford delivers a pitch on May 17. This was during a game against ACS Cobham where the team won 8-2 (photo by Cloe Tchelikidi).

This year’s softball team was composed of 14 seventh and eighth grade girls who were dedicated to play their best games. Although most of the them had never played softball before, they quickly came together as a team.

The Eagles had their first game on April 14 against ACS Egham. This was probably the toughest game for the girls as the competition was quite athletic. “The girls were very big and could run really fast,” said seventh-grader Sophia Sigismondi. “We also weren’t completely ready to play as a team yet.”

Not only was it difficult competition, but multiple eighth graders were gone due to a language trip to Valencia. Seventh-grader Rose Foy said, “We didn’t know what to expect from the other team and there was a lot of pressure to win.” Although the Eagles tried their best, they lost the game.

The team has improved immensely in working as a group instead of just focusing individually.  “We have been working so well together even from the beginning of the season,” said Sigismondi.

The team worked especially well during the TASIS game on May 5, when they were tied 4-4. It was mid game and the girls came together in a big group huddle and encouraged each other to play their best. “The TASIS game helped me to realize that our team is capable to pull though when in doubt and really work as a team,” said eighth grader Ava Crawford.  After the group huddle, the girls went back out to the field and won the game 8-4.

Even though the girls were always there to work together as a team, they faced multiple challenges throughout the season. “Batting was a big challenge because sometimes the umpire was biased and said that our ball shots were actually strikes,” said Sigismondi.

Although the team had some challenges when batting, Crawford and fellow eighth grader Kate Black have hit multiple home runs during the season. The home runs help to liven up everyone’s spirits and make everyone push harder.

“The first game as a whole team was very memorable because I was able to see what our team was capable of and see how we could work together,” said Black.

By working all together it helped the players to see each other strengths and weaknesses and how they could improve. “In the beginning, a lot of girls didn’t know how to play, yet now everyone is hitting the ball and working together,” said Crawford

Overall, the team has improved immensely and everyone’s individual skills have gotten much better. The season was a balance of hard work to successful moments which made it a season that everyone will remember.

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