Eighth-grade student or adventurous panda?

Photo of Rohan Haarman by Bella Worrell
Photo of Rohan Haarman by Bella Worrell

In 2008 the first ever Kung Fu Panda movie was released. The debut film pocketed a box office revenue of a remarkable $631 million. Ever since then, people have been familiar with the series across the globe. The series has a wide variety of viewers; however, it mainly appeals to younger children. Most people watch the film, have a laugh, and move on with their lives with nothing changed.

However, this doesn’t apply to eighth grader Rohan Haarman. Haarman describes the show as motivational and unique. Having seen all  three movies over ten times and watching every episode of the show “Legends of Awesomeness,” Haarman hasn’t let other’s thoughts about his passion discourage him at all. “Me being a Kung Fu Panda fanatic isn’t at all any different than someone being an avid sports fan,” stated Haarman.

On March 11, the day of the release of the third movie, Haarman urged his friends to accompany him to the movie. “I was really getting restless nearer to the time of the release.” Haarman expressed his frustration for the late movie release compared to other countries, as he couldn’t stand the wait.

The series not only motivates and brightens Haarman’s day, but also helps him connect with his peers and talk about the series even though their feelings for the show are unrelatable to Haarman’s inexplicable passion. “I see myself very alike to Po,” said Haarman of the panda which is the movie’s main character. Haarman compared his personality to the main figure of the series, and he was passionate about comparing their funny and brave personalities. Friends claim Rohan storms through hallways as if on a journey.

Haarmann’s day is made when he hears about any rumors or news about new movies or shows. Haarman encourages all students and teachers to explore the series and urges everyone to watch the series again with a different lense, to notice the deeper message.

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