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The most popular place to download brackets is CBSsports. Click the image to see the bracket full size.

March Madness is the nickname for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament that happens every year, and part of the fun for many people is creating brackets of which teams they think will win the whole thing. The bracket provided by CBSsports is without a doubt the most popular one in recent years. People have a few options as to what to do with their bracket. They can enter the CBSsports Bracket challenge to try to win prizes. There is a worldwide challenge and there are millions of entries every year, and it’s free to enter. Just go to, create an account, and join the fun.  

Anyone can also go online and find a print-out bracket to play with family or friends. Similarly, you can create a pool within the CBS website to play with friends online. Brackets must be submitted by March 19 otherwise they won’t count. You can also find printable brackets at and on google images if you search up “March Madness brackets.’

Another fun aspect of the tournament is trying to get a perfect bracket, The tournament has been around for 82 years and the closest someone has gotten to a perfect bracket is having every fixture right until the Sweet 16 round which is really impressive but not even close to a perfect bracket. Could someone at ASL be the first person to get a perfect bracket?

Filling out a bracket is a really cool experience even for people who have never done it before. There are many stats that will help people make informed decisions about who will win the games. For example, on the Sunday before the tournament, each team will be given a seed. This is called selection Sunday. In each quadrant (the North, East, South, and West), there are seeds from 1-16. Since there are 4 quadrants of 16 teams each, it’s a 64 team tournament. So, the higher the seed, the better they are predicted to do in the tournament. However, every year there are always some upsets which mean the lower seed beats the higher seed. Here is my bracket for this year.

My complete bracket, What would you change? What would you keep the same? Let me know in the comments. Click the image to see the bracket full size.

For the most part, I went with the higher seeds, but for a few games, I went with the underdogs, I did this because this will separate your bracket from others because a lot of people only go with the higher seeds, and it’s more fun to root for the underdog. Overall my bracket is not very risky because I took the number 1 seed to the finals.

Seventh-grader Grant Lang is just one of many participants in March Madness this year. His favorite teams are Michigan and UCLA, but this year he is going with Michigan all the way. However, this might be a dangerous bet considering one of their best players just got injured. Here is Grant’s full bracket down below. 

Do you think Michigan will make it all the way? Click the image to see the bracket full size.


All brackets will lock in soon so come and join the fun before it’s too late. Think you know who will win? Comment your Final Four predictions down below. 

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