Middle school newspaper celebrates 25 years

Students who went on the Egypt trip in 1989 said that going on that trip was a huge privilege.  One student who was interviewed for the original article was Mrs. Julie Clark (’93). She still has vivid memories of that time. “It felt like a very foreign and exotic place with new foods, smells and customs to absorb,” said Clark, who also said that this trip abroad was one of her favorite things that she did when she was at ASL.

It seems that for what the students could do back then these trips were a huge privilege and the students knew that they were lucky for having the chance to go on this trip

Even though the the locations of the trips have changed the idea behind them still stays the same.  These trips are meant to further students’ experience at ASL.

This year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of The Scroll.  To recognize this, The Scroll is taking a look back through the archives and republishing some old articles.  In addition, The Scroll is posting photos from the archives on our Instagram page (@thescrollasl) every Thursday with #tbt.  To see an article about an eighth grade trip to Egypt in 1989 click here.

When the middle school newspaper first started in 1987, it was called the Quoi de Nouf.  A student came to ASL from a different school and their school had a middle school newspaper so she wanted to start one here at ASL. In the beginning it was an elective that students had the choice of taking.  This was the case for four years, and then it became The Scroll.  Even though the name change the idea didn’t, and it was still a elective.  And then from 1996 to 2000 there wasn’t a middle school newspaper, because there wasn’t an advisor to run it.  Then, the current advisor Mr. Colin Bridgewater came to ASL and got The Scroll running again.  Now The Scroll is an ASP.

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