Tough competition leads to difficult season for the seventh grade girls basketball team

Gigi Berchem is choosing who to pass the ball to whilst Lea George try to get open. This was a home game against Egham on December 15, and they won 23-14. (Photo by Cloe Tchelikidi)

It has been a tough yet successful season for the undefeated seventh grade girls basketball team. They have been through a lot. It is rare to see a basketball team play like them.

The girls have worked incredibly hard to improve their offence, defence, communication, and teamwork skills. The coach, Ms. Jennifer Craig, is proud of their attitude towards one another and their teamwork.

Olivia Benjamin MacDonald said that they had to really work on memorizing the plays. “If one person forgets then it affects the whole team.” However, when a player forgets the plays, the team has always been supportive, contributing to their positive attitude and an unbeaten season.

They have been through very tough games, such as their last game against Cobham on the March 1. All the opposition were much taller than them but they pushed through to victory. According to Ms. Craig the team’s strengths are cooperating with each other so that they can guess their teammate’s next moves and get the rebounds so that they have more chances to shoot.

This season also came with some challenges. For example, some of the players hadn’t even played basketball before, so they had to learn the positions and rules as well as the skills. “It has been a memorable season,” said Mikaela Montanaro.

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