Ms Schubert to leave ASL after 16 years in London

Ms Schubert is leaving the school to become Head Librarian in Myanmar (photo by Ella Jackson-Drexler).

After 16 years of teaching at ASL, Ms. Lindsey Schubert, a teacher who has played many roles within the school, is leaving to move to Myanmar, a country next to Thailand. Ms. Schubert is going to be the head librarian at the International School at Yangon.

“I think my job is going to be a lot bigger. I will have to work with a lot different age range of kids,” Ms. Shubert said. This school will have a very different feel than ASL, which is partly due to the fact that only 800 students go there. As Ms. Schubert’s role is going to be very large, she will not lead scheduled classes, specific library classes, or get to be an advisor there.

Ms. Schubert came to ASL in 2002 after working in Paraguay at the American School in Asuncion. At the beginning of her work at ASL, Ms. Schubert was the high school librarian but became the middle school librarian in 2006 when the previous middle school librarian went on a leave.

She loved to work with middle school kids, and in 2011, she also started being a sixth grade advisor in the library.

On top of this, Ms. Schubert has coached different sports teams, previously cross country for about eight or nine years and swimming for all 16 years. She has gone on the grade 6 end-of-year trips, and has taught library/technology class to fifth graders.

For the first time ever, she is going to be working with her husband and is looking forward to weather and travel opportunities around South East Asia. This is a new opportunity for her to live in a different place from London or Chicago, which is where she is from. Additionally, she will be able to work with kids of diverse backgrounds and interact with them.

However, Ms. Schubert will have to face many challenges of the new system. Instead of the American system, the school follows the international system, so they have a different school setup, and the students’ work is different.

At her new school, Ms. Schubert will most miss being able to work exclusively with middle school students like she did at ASL because she will have to work with a large range of 4-18 year olds at her new school. This means that she will not know every student as well as she does her ASL students.

In terms of her highlights from ASL, she has had many, but she said her favorite part was working in the library. She will really miss the people she has worked with, such as Mrs. Karen Field, the head librarian, Mr. Bridgewater, the middle school technology coordinator, and the grade 6 team, as well as her close relationships with her grade 6 students.

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