JV swimming had fantastic year despite age difference

Eighth-grade student Macey O’Malia swims the butterfly in a swim meet held at ASL on December 8. This swim meet was and inter squad meet between the orange and black swim teams, and was the first swim meet held in ASL’s new pool (photo by Emily Forgash).

The swim season came to a successful end on March 11 when the high school JV and varsity teams won combined gold at ISSTs. Swimming is one of the few high school sports that relies on middle school students to be a part of the JV teams. In total, there were 17 middle school boys and girls on the high school JV swim team this season. The season allowed the seventh and eighth-grade swimmers to bond with each other and form new friendships.

“It was really cool how at the start of the season I wasn’t really friends with some people, but once the season was over we were all really close,” said eighth grader Taylor Lewis. “Overall, it was a really fun experience where we all grew closer as friends and stronger as swimmers.”

The swim season was the perfect opportunity for everyone to make new friends within the two grades as they were all enduring the hard training sessions together so they came together more as a team.

Swimming is generally more of an individual sport, but that didn’t stop the team from supporting each other in training through hard activities and cheering each other on in their swim meets.

On the team’s first meet at Cobham, students from each individual grades sectioned themselves off and sort of stuck together until the meet began. Then, they all started to cheer each other on during the races. This meet stood as a bit of an ice breaker for the two grades and soon after that they began talking a lot more. “Other than the fact that we were very successful this season I made new friends and bonded with the team,” said Minos Papadopoulos, a seventh grader on the team.

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