Orange vs Black competition continues

The middle school has a yearly spirit competition where students compete against each other to earn points for their respective color teams, which are Orange and Black, matching the school’s colors.

As of December 6, Orange and Black are very close on points in this year’s spirit competition. Orange is on 383 and black is on 359.

The Black team got 100 spirit points on field day which was on September 15, getting a few more than Orange, who received 83.3. The Black team also won the first quiz bowl of the year on September 29, which took them to 200 points, then 36.2 ahead of Orange.

However, the Orange team quickly bounced back. They won the freeze dance competition that was staged just after the school photo on October 13, which gained them fifty spirit points, bringing them up to 214, for the first time ahead of the Black team. The Orange team won the Halloween quiz bowl, which put them at 314 spirit points, 18 more than the black team’s 296.

“It was really fun, a little bit nerve-wracking though,” said fifth grader Augie Kadagathur, recalling his performance at the first quiz bowl of the year, where he helped black get 100 spirit points.

Kadagathur explained that it was a team effort where everyone contributed. “I think I did well, but I wasn’t the fastest at the buzzer. So they (the other students on the black team) were doing well.”

Orange team also won the winter spirt competition on December 8, which made the scores 383 for the Orange team and 359 points for Black team.

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  1. Great job Daksh you could also interview people and see how they feel about this especially the black team.


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