Results – Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Tuesday, October 10
8th-grade girls soccer beat to Cobham 4-3 at Cannon’s Park 
7th-grade girls soccer beat Cobham 3-1 at Cannon’s Park 
8th-grade girls volleyball beat Cobham at ASL 

Thursday, September 28
8th-grade boys soccer beat TASIS 5-3 at TASIS.

Tuesday, September 19
MS field hockey played at Aldenhams School.

Saturday, September 16
MS cross country raced at Cobham.

Thursday, September 14
8th-grade boys soccer lost to Hillingdon 7-3 at Hillingdon’s Iver Fields.
7th-grade boys orange soccer beat Hillingdon 7-1 atHillingdon’s Iver Fields.
7th-grade boys black soccer beat Hillingdon 10-2 atHillingdon’s Iver Fields.
8th-grade girls soccer beat Hillingdon 7-0 at Canons Park.
7th-grade girls soccer played Hillingdon at Canons Park.
8th-grade girls volleyball played Hillingdon at ASL.
7th-grade girls volleyball played Hillingdon at ASL.