Many positive memories from teachers who were at ASL for just one year

Mr. Dave Kraft

LeavingTeachers-Kraft-BWThis is Mr. David Kraft’s first year working as a PE aide, but it’s also his last. Next year, that job will no longer exist due to the need to hire a position for the newly built aquatics center.

Even though he won’t be the PE aide next year, Mr. Kraft will still be continuing his roles as seventh-grade boys basketball coach and JV tennis coach. He will also be eligible as a substitute teacher for the PE department. He hopes to be more involved with ASL than just coaching and substituting, but that is the plan for now.

His main highlight of working at ASL has been working with the PE department. “The daily adversity that the PE department faces is staggering,” said Mr. Kraft about all of the changes they have had to endure during the two years of construction. “Although they had their ups and downs, they were always able to overcome the obstacles in front of them with a smile on their face and a genuine love of teaching.”

Mrs. Marissa McCauley

LeavingTeacher-McCauley-CTMrs. Marissa McCauley spent this year teaching eighth grade English as a replacement for Mr. Mike Boodey who is on sabbatical. Since Mr. Boodey will be back next year, Mrs. McCauley won’t be back in the classroom full-time.

However, Mrs. McCauley isn’t leaving London. “I’d love to find a way to stay in the classroom and involved here in the ASL community,” said Mrs. McCauley. As of now she doesn’t have plans for a job next year, but she still might be able to be involved with the ASL community.

She says she will remember ASL as a place full of people excited about teaching and learning. Her favorite memory of her time here was the eighth grade trip to Outward Bound. “It was a great way to get to know my students and colleagues at the beginning of the year, as well as a fantastic  bonding experience for my advisory,” Mrs. McCauley said.

Ms. Shan Driscoll

LeavingTeachers-Driscoll-BWMs. Shan Driscoll was the sub for Ms. Richardson who was on maternity leave in the SLD department for this year. She will not be at ASL next year and doesn’t have any specific plans for next year. She might move to Georgia and work at a school there.

“[I will remember ASL] as a great place, I really loved the kids and I worked with a lot of great people.” Ms. Driscoll said.

One highlight of her year was when the seventh graders took a trip to Wales. “It was a lot of fun.” Ms. Driscoll said. It also was nice for her to be able to hang out and get to the know the seventh graders.

Mr. David Treska

LeavingTeacher-Treska-BW994After coming to teach sixth grade math for a year to cover for Mrs. Maida Shivik who went on maternity leave, Mr. David Treska is leaving.

Mr. Treska said that when he leaves, one of the things he’d like to do is to learn more about CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing).  He also hopes to begin a new degree in engineering.

In his one year in London he said that the thing he will remember most is his dog experiencing things for the first time. He said, “[Seeing] his reaction to all of these animals and the plants are things I will always remember.”

Mr. Treska said that his favorite memory from his time at ASL was the sixth grade bonding trip when the students went to Ford Castle in Northumberland.

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