Other sports activities available while school sports season is canceled

Other sports activities available while the fall school sports season is canceled.

Fall school sports have been closed for some time but this doesn’t mean no one has been playing sports this year.  Based on the results from a survey sent to all middle school students in October, students in the middle school participate in 17 different sports outside of school. Of those who are involved in sports outside of school, 20 people play tennis, 19 people play soccer and 16 people swim and play basketball.

There are many different club teams that kids play for, but the most common club based on the survey is the European Football Academy or EFA, with five people from our middle school playing in it. Before England went into lockdown on November 5, this soccer team had two mandatory practices every week, with two games and also one practice that is optional.

Luca De Picciotto (7)

Luca De Picciotto in grade 7 plays for a soccer team called Rocks Lane FC. He practices three times a week and plays a match every Sunday. Other clubs people in the middle school participate in include GB Softball, London Eagles (soccer), and Camden Knights (soccer).

The highest number of practices/games for one club is six times a week with some other teams only playing once every week. Seventh-grader Talya Berner has been a member of the London Dance Project or LDP for five years and says she really enjoys it. She says she dances twice a week for four hours and In December, January and March she has competitions on the weekends. At least four other people in the middle school do LDP, and it is very popular across the different grades.  Throughout ASL, there have many different sports being represented and people playing for many different club teams. Although everyone is in lockdown we hope everyone can continue to play sports even if it’s via Zoom.

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