Vintage fashion in heart of Brick Lane

The ground floor of Blitz is stocked full with all sorts of clothes. People come to Blitz from all over London in search of vintage clothing (Photo From
The ground floor of Blitz is stocked full with all sorts of clothes. People come to Blitz from all over London in search of vintage clothing (Photo From

Amidst the up and coming fashion district of Shoreditch and Brick Lane, Blitz London is the best place in the city to shop for vintage clothes. Based in an old furniture factory, Blitz is widely regarded as a vintage department store.

The store has two floors, crammed full with clothing of all sorts. From corduroy down coats to cut and sewn sweaters, Blitz has something for all kinds of tastes. Blending rare clothing with affordable prices, the store offers some of the most desirable pieces in London.

Often mistaken as a thrift shop, Blitz does offer second hand clothing, yet the vast majority of items are just vintage, meaning from a previous era, and not necessarily handed down. Most people have a preconceived idea that vintage clothing is poor quality, or “dirty” clothing, but that is not the case with Blitz as they hand pick each and every item providing a real selection for the shopper opposed to a bunch of random clothes thrown together.

As well as the store itself, Blitz also has a small café with an area to sit making it a nice place to grab a drink before leaving the store.

The first sight inside Blitz is the rack of old Adidas jackets, which are a symbol of classic vintage. This gives an immediately familiar feeling, and is only a preliminary showing of the wondrous clothing to come. Each jacket is one of its own, being very different from the others.

A great aspect of Blitz is the individuality between the clothes. Each item has its own distinct details that makes it stand out, and nothing seems as if it is a copy of another.

Also, Blitz shares an equal amount of men and women’s clothing, providing things for everyone.

The interior of the store adds to the experience, as high hanging rafters, and miscellaneous items cowered on the walls give off the feeling of an attic. Stained wooden floors and brick walls also add to the attic-like atmosphere, which is a nice environment while shopping for vintage clothes.

Blitz not only serves as an exceptional place to shop, but they also run multiple photo shoots, and their photography has been in featured in magazines such as Glamour UK and Another Magazine. Modeling clothes available in the store, they showcase their photos on their website as well as on their Instagram. Photos can also be found throughout the shop, and are great to browse through and look at while exploring the clothes.

Tucked away in the back corner of the main floor, Blitz is also home to a small little record store where a selection of vinyl records can be purchased. Weaving through displays of mannequins and photos, racks on racks of amazing clothing flood the store. Denim is a common theme in the store as items like overalls, jeans, jackets, and button down shirts are all made of the popular material. There is also a large range of sweaters, shoes, and coats. They stock practically everything imaginable, all from different cultures and styles from around the world.

The area of Brick Lane has a vintage vibe to it, and when people come to shop they are looking to take a slice of the culture. Blitz is the ideal place to do so, and they dominate over every other store when it comes to vintage fashion. Rounded out by a friendly staff and great prices it is almost impossible not to buy something while there. Various styles and aspects of different countries leave something appealing for all kinds of shoppers, and between the clothing itself, the café, the photo galleries, and the record store, Blitz is truly a one of a kind experience and a must visit not just for people seeking vintage clothes, but for anyone wanting a first hand experience of Brick Lane culture.

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