Day 2: Eva & Antonia’s Self-Isolation Tips & Boredom Busters

Day 2: Reorganise and decorate your room

While social distancing, it can be really boring to be stuck inside the same house all day. To beat this boredom, you can give your room a fresh new look by rearranging or reorganising it.

One idea is to decorate your wall. You can put up art, a dream board, or lists of movies to watch or books to read; there are no limits! (The Scroll will be posting future ideas for art you can make, so stay updated). Create a wall collage filled with pictures of you, your friends, your family and unforgettable memories. You can add quotes and colourful pictures to add a variety in images, and take inspiration from Pinterest. 

If you’re unable to go outside and see the blooming of Spring, bring it inside! Put a pot near a window, plant a seed, and water it daily. Bringing a plant into your room can make it more lively and colourful.

Another idea is to rearrange smaller items. Change up the display of your bookshelf or clothes by organising it by size or colour. If you’re really ambitious, you could try moving around furniture.

Have fun giving a new look to your room!

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