Day 1: Eva & Antonia’s Self-Isolation Tips & Boredom Busters

Day 1: Start a journal

The impact the coronavirus is having globally is monumental. Future historians and generations will likely be interested to see what life is like living in these uncertain times. Creating a journal is not only a great way to educate the future about life in 2020, but it’s also a fun way to pass time while social distancing.

Journals aren’t limited to the traditional writing format; they can be unique and customised however you’d like. You can spice things up with some visual drawings and photos to create a scrapbook. You can vlog and film your daily experiences on your computer using iMovie (available on ASL laptops) and then edit the clips together. You can also collaborate with your family and create a mock newspaper filled with articles about everyone’s day.

There are many things you can document in a journal. You can set goals for what you want to accomplish while you’re social distancing, and track your progress. You can talk about your feelings and thoughts on COVID-19 and how it is affecting your life. The Scroll will be posting daily boredom busters and exercise tips, so you can give those a try, and document your experience with it.

Have fun creating a journal!

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