Eagle Eye: What tips do you have for avoiding boredom during self-isolation?

“Get creative! Try building something or drawing something! Don’t do too much at one time though, you will want to spread the activities out. Just have a positive attitude because your attitude will impact your whole experience!” – Lilly Roth, fifth grade











“You want to play different games online with your friends such as all minecart games or video games you also might want to call your friends and learn new things like new card games new board games just try to have things that interest you and try to do things that you wouldn’t necessarily do if the coronavirus wasn’t around.” – James Potchatek, sixth grade
“During self-isolation, it feels like the only thing you can do is watch tv and go on your phone. The truth is though, self-isolation is a perfect time to try something new that you can do at home. For instance, I now have started enjoying drawing again and also writing. Writing is a great way to kill time as there are so many different genres and different things you can try so it is quite difficult to get bored. As I stated above, drawing and art, in general, is another great activity to try. In art as well, there are so many different things you can try and experiment with. Many people believe that they don’t enjoy or aren’t good at these activities, but if you give them a try, you might find yourself having a nice time.” – Giulia Scolari, seventh grade
“Hanging out and talking with your family since you might get to see them more. I know this is a big one for me. Another thing that I would do during self-isolation is to try to stay active by possibly stretching or doing online workouts since you won’t be able to go outside that much and will need to stay active.” – Parker Forgash, eighth grade


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