Making Socials Cool Again

Illustration by Antonia Pavoncelli

Socials used to be a fun opportunity to connect with other people, but they have become a school event that not a lot of people go to. The editorial staff has come up with some ideas to make socials a more fun and enjoyable activity that students would attend. Students have mentioned that in socials there aren’t a lot of people as well as there are unappealing activities such as watching a movie that not everyone enjoys or board games. 

One way to improve the socials would be to completely change the idea by replacing them with dances. A few years ago, instead of having socials, the middle school had dances that took place in the Commons. Everyone would be in one place instead of scattered around the Farmer or blue gym and Commons, which are all large spaces. 

 It would be more enjoyable as there would seem to be more people going due to the smaller space. This would allow people to have fun in their friend groups, as well as all being in one place so people would get to know each other eventually. 

There are many fun themes for dances that the student council could decide on, such as a Sadie Hawkins dance, where the girls invite whoever they may like instead of boys asking them; this is very similar to junior prom. We could also include themes: the most prominent theme we found most interesting was people dressing up as 80s characters or a spring fling. This would give people ideas for what to wear, and there would be a variation of costumes. This would also attract more people to the socials. 

The student council should send out a survey to see what themes people are interested in as well as for what music to play for the dances. The students would then have a role in choosing the theme that they like and the majority of votes would win.  

Overall, we think that our suggestions would make socials more popular, as well as more enjoyable for students.

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