Seventh grade students bond during trip to Manor Adventure

Seventh graders enjoy a fun water activity in one of the many lakes near the Manor Adventure site. The students were partnered up in canoes and had to work together to complete a variety of team building challenges. Seventh graders also had the opportunity to swim in the lake water with their life jackets and waterproofs on (Photo Courtesy of Mr Todd Rooks).

For their five day trip this year, the Grade 7 headed to Manor Adventure, Norfolk Lakes; it was an excellent opportunity for them to bond with their advisories and try new things. This year was special in that Manor Adventure was a brand new location for the seventh grade trip.

One of the new things about this trip was that the entire seventh grade went to the same location, whereas in previous years, the orange and black teams went to two different locations. “I enjoyed having both teams there because it allowed me to meet students from the black team that I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Mr. Latham Cameron, the orange team social studies teacher said.

According to Kyle Moore, a student on the black team, a downside of the trip was the food, as it was not good and the portions were too small. This was a common theme among many students, as they felt they weren’t being fed enough compared to the adults.

There were many highlights for during the trip to Norfolk Lakes. Many people’s favorite part was on September 25, when the group went to the Norfolk Coast to a town called Wells-next-the-Sea. When the seventh graders reached the coast, they split into two groups. One group had a choice of activities on the beach, such as football with Mr. Dylan Chambers, a seventh grade math teacher and Mr. Rod Anderson, the orange team science teacher. Other options were sand castle building with Ms. Jill Broderick, a seventh grade math teacher or capture the flag with Mr. Todd Rooks, the black team social studies teacher.

The other group went on a coastal walk by the sea and through the woods. Daniel Wagenberg, a student on the orange team, thought the coastal walk was very engaging, especially because it was long.

Landon Wysham thought the beach activities were fun because he got to play soccer, which he was very good at. After both activities had finished, the two groups came together to walk to the town about a mile away. As the seventh grade stormed the town, they bought all the candy and ice cream they could for 40 minutes.

On Thursday and Friday there were more activities, such as the obstacle course, rock climbing, blind trail, kayaking, canoeing, lake walk, stand up paddleboarding, low ropes, and many others. Many seventh graders didn’t enjoy kayaking, as they got very wet, nor did they like stand up paddleboarding, as some people got pushed into the lakes by the instructors.

One downfall of Norfolk lakes was certainly the spider and insect-infested bedrooms, bathrooms and all the activities. On low ropes, multiple people didn’t enjoy the tire wall, which had spiders in every tire, so people were discouraged to place their hands in the tires.

Seventh grader Robby Marshall explained how he enjoyed the high ropes activity, in which students completed a series of obstacles while harnessed high above the ground. “It was my first and favorite activity because it challenged me to do something I don’t normally do,” Marshall said. Many students felt the same way, as the trip was designed to get students trying things that challenged them outside of their comfort zone.

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