Student Council executive members are elected

Most of the middle school student council executive committee, consisting of the president, treasurer, and communications coordinator, was elected on November 21 by all student council members. The grade five/six vice president of the council was later elected on December 2 at the next meeting.

Eighth graders Ela Gulener and Lihi Hamburger were elected as co presidents. Their main roles are to plan the student council meetings, approve the changes that the council will make, and make sure that the council is working productively towards students’ needs. 

Gulener has one specific idea for what will make her a successful co president. She said, “I encourage everyone’s ideas to be heard at ASL.”

Hamburger also said, “I’ll be good at this job because I know how to organise events well and I have good collaboration and communication skills.”

Seventh grader Aris Perrotis was elected as treasurer, and his main role is to decide how to spend the money that the student council is budgeted.

Perrotis said, “As a treasurer, I will make sure that the student council will spend this money on causes that we believe in, whether that [is] more environmentally friendly decorations for spirit days, funding events, and raising money to donate to good causes.”

Seventh grader Michael Quintin was elected as communications coordinator, whose main role is to communicate the progress of the council to the middle school community. This includes posting on the council’s social media accounts, communicating via word of mouth and on Schoology, as well as talking at assemblies.

Quintin said, “I think that I’ll make a great communications coordinator because I am great with technology and social media, and I have pretty good communication skills amongst others. I also tend to plan a lot, so I have already planned how to meet the requirements of a communications coordinator.”

Fifth grader Ayla Rafiq was elected as 5/6 vice president, and her main role is to share the perspectives of the younger students in middle school when decisions are being made.

In terms of what will make her successful, Rafiq said, “I am known to be very organized, and I am willing to speak up when there is something that younger kids would disagree with. Most importantly, I try to have a friendly and kind personality so that people feel comfortable speaking to me.”

Ela Gulener
student council co-president

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