Volleyball becomes second Middle School team to travel overnight

Elena Muiri serves the ball over the net in game during international volleyball tournament. The girls volleyball came second and many remarked about the level of competition. The tournament lasted from October 4-5 (photo courtesy of Ms. Canton).

This year, the eighth-grade volleyball teams were given the opportunity to participate in an international volleyball tournament from October 4-5 The tournament was hosted at the British School in the Netherlands and there were teams from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scotland in addition to ASL.

This opportunity allowed students to play against teams who were from different places and matched their skills. It also gave students a chance to play at a higher level of competition. Jayan Shah, a player on the boys volleyball team said, “The highlight was the intense playing of volleyball.”

Talitha Stern, a player on the girls volleyball team said, “The level was quite elevated compared to London.”

Both the boys and girls teams won second place. For the girls, in first place came the American School of The Hague, in third place was the International School in Aberdeen, and then the British School in the Netherlands came fourth.

For the boys, in first place was the International school Aberdeen, in third was the American School of The Hague, and in fourth place was the British School of the Netherlands.

To get to the Netherlands, the teams flew, which was the first time that a middle school volleyball team got to participate in a tournament outside of the UK. The teams left London on October 4, and when they arrived at the British School in the Netherlands, they immediately started playing. The games for that day finished at around 6:30 and BSN provided dinner at school. Jayan Shah also said, “A surprising thing was that the hotel was pretty nice.”

The next day, both teams packed their bags and went back to the British School in the Netherlands for the tournament to continue. Both teams played very well and the experience allowed them to get a taste of what the competition is like in high school. Many team members agreed that this tournament gave lots of experience to the players who might not have learned as much by just practicing twice a week. As a result of this trip, both teams ended up with an amazing experience and improved volleyball skills.

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