Plant beds removed to fix leak

The plant beds were removed on October 5 (photo by Lucy Abner).

The plant beds behind the seating area at the Waverley Place entrance were removed by ASL’s contractors, a company named 8Build, on October 5. During a watering of the planters, the contractors realized that the waterproofing was insufficient due to the fact that there was leaking from the planters; the planters were therefore removed to be left to dry out for a week. The leaking was discovered due to a wet tile found in the kitchen ceiling, which has now been replaced. 

Over October break, the contractors performed a new waterproofing treatment on the inside of the planters. After this treatment, the contractors lined the planter near the transport office on October 18, reinstalled some of the gravel, and reinstalled the soil and plants the following week. 

In terms of the planter behind the glass that was also removed, there has been a decided change of approach in the waterproofing, and this work must be done in the summer months. The plan is that, on October 28, the supplies will arrive so that they can do works on the planter and replace the plants. On October 28 and 29, they will replant the plants and will also install plywood bases. These plywood bases will be easy to remove when they start doing permanent work in the summer. The planter and plants will be reinstalled on October 30 as long as the materials arrive on time and there are enough staff.

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