MUN students visit IMO

In this day and age, at the click of a button, you have the ability to order just about anything to your doorstep. Most people don’t understand what goes on behind the scenes to allow the ease of ordering and shipping. On May 8, 19 middle school students who partake in MUN took a private tour of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

IMO is a specialised agency for the United Nations that is universally responsible for the regulation of shipping. The organization creates a fair, efficient and effective administrative framework that is utilized globally. Creating a fair framework for the shipping industry ensures that a shipping company cannot find a way around their financial issues by allowing safety, security,  and environmental performance to take a back seat.

Students watched a video on the role and responsibilities of the IMO international agency who not only ensures the safety and security of shipping worldwide, but also regulates environmental concerns and combats piracy. They also viewed the gifts various member nations gave to the IMO, including models of ships and a hanging mobile. There are 173 member states, plus three associate members of the IMO. Students visited the source library and sat in the press box where they could observe a conference in action. It is rare occasion to enter the Committee Room but on their private tour, students were granted the opportunity to enter the Committee Room during the delegate’s coffee break

Eighth grader Daniel de Beer said, “On our trip to the International Maritime Organization, the MUN students were fascinated by how much work they do to ensure a safe ocean for trades. In the actual building, we were able to see the spectacularly designed boats and statues given by other countries, as well as their massive library of records. My favorite part was when we saw all the representatives in the giant meeting room.”

The trip aimed to encourage the education that MUN provides students regarding how international organizations cooperate globally to understand the workings of a United Nations organization and to see how real life diplomats operate in action. 

MUN participants enjoy a tour of the International Maritime Organization. They visited the IMO to understand how a UN organization works in real life (photo Courtesy of Ms. Elsea).

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