Coach’s Corner: Mr Stephen Fordham

Photo by Evelyn Snizek

What past experience have you had coaching track and field?
Apart from ASL, I have coached at other schools, PTIS Thailand and schools in the UK, also athletic clubs.

Why did you choose to coach track and field?
It was my favorite spring sport that ASL had to offer.

What is your favorite thing about track and field?
I like the meet days as there is lots of stuff going on for people to do.

What are you expectations coming into the season?
I would expect some of the kids to find new activities that they have never tried before, that they could enjoy and I would expect that those who have been coming for the last year to improve their performance and maybe compete with the high school.

What is your best quality as a coach?
I would say approachability because I believe that an athlete at any level should be comfortable with their coach. The relationship between a coach and athlete is unique and often challenging. If your athlete feels that they can be open with you it will help to foster a successful partnership. 

Do you have a sports hero/role model?
Jonny Wilkinson, a former England fly half because success did not come easily for him. He was never the biggest player, nor the fastest. Because he failed several times and was able to learn and improve. For me, he personifies a true professional athlete. He was dedicated 100 percent to improving himself in whatever he was doing. He continually sought ways to better himself that were not conventional (eye training program to make himself a better kicker, learning to speak French so that his teammates respected him more) and his ability to plan and prepare of each new team was second to none.

Do you coach any other sports teams?
Cross country in the fall and rugby in the winter.

What do you think is the most important attribute to have as a coach and as a player?
Commitment because it is important for life, not just sports. Commitment and completion. If you start something…finish it. If you cannot commit yourself to something you will never see improvement and you will always be afraid to try. 

Mr Fordham watches student Tyler Whitman (‘20) attempt the high jump back in 2016. Mr Fordham is the head coach for middle school track and field in the spring season. He also coaches rugby and cross country (photo from Scroll archives).

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