Seventh grade boys basketball succeeds with teamwork

Darby Craig goes up for a layup against ACS Egham on December 15. The Eagles ended up winning the game 23-14.(Photo by MS Yearbook)

The seventh grade boys basketball team consisted of boys with all different capabilities and experiences. The team had a wide variety of skill, but managed to work as a team throughout the season. They had an overall season record of 13 wins and 1 loss.

The toughest game the boys experienced was their first game at the London Basketball Association tournament on December 2 against St. George’s. The team played their best but ended up losing with a close score of 15-14. “It let the team know that things were not going to come easy and you have got to work for it,” said Coach Dave Kraft. “No matter how good you are, or think you are, there is always space for improvement.” This was believed to be the toughest game because they hadn’t had any practice prior, and were still figuring out what the team was capable of.

“All of our games were amazing because we played as a team, and were able to work together to create the best play possible,” said point guard Loucas Xenakis.

The boys played the best they could and really bonded as a team, and were also able to work together to create the best possible plays. When on the court they didn’t worry about winning, but more about how they could improve as a team. “I would say that we improved in every single area of basketball and as well as becoming a team,” said Xenakis.

The biggest challenge for the team was adapting to their opponents and the way they play. For the team it wasn’t about winning, but about how they could work well together and improve at sharing the ball amongst their players. The competition for the team wasn’t the strongest, which resulted in the games being more about the quality of game play rather than the quantity of points on the scoreboard.

The biggest strength for the team was that they were able to pick up on everything they learned from Coach Kraft so quickly. They were able to learn plays and techniques with ease which allowed them to learn a lot in practices. Another strength for them was working well as a team considering that this was all their first year together. “We quickly learned how to use people, where they were supposed to be, and when to give them the ball,” said Coach Kraft.

They were all very supportive to each other both on and off the court, and they all helped each out when another was in need.

Overall, the team had a successful season and grew as a team. It was a perfect balance of hard work and success which led them to have a great season.

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