Sports Spotlight: Who’s your sporting hero?

“Saquon Barkley is my sports hero. He plays for the New York Giants football team. I like him because he has from the start of his career been a big motivation for me and someone to look up to. Someone to remind you to work hard all the time. I love the way he plays and the way he motivates other people on and off the field.” – Hudson Maloney, eighth-grade
“Luka Modric [midfielder for Real Madrid and Croatia] because he had to work very hard to get to his level. And he is a good leader on his team and that inspires me to be like him.” – Patrick Gallagher, seventh-grade
“Alex Morgan [forward for the United States National Soccer Team] because I want to be like her as she has worked really hard. She is an inspiration and an amazing female soccer player who I love.” – Sophie Singer, sixth-grade
“Julian Edelman [American football player for the New England Patriots], because he didn’t come from much and he was pushed really hard and he was one of the smallest guys so it was a hard time for him to play sports but he was still really good.” – Sean Johnston, fifth-grade

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