French students deepen their cultural, lingual knowledge during Nice trip

The French B/C students stop at a seaside restaurant for lunch during a day-long bike ride. Students enjoyed the trip because they got to see the seaside and enjoy the outdoors (photo courtesy Ms. Kidd).

On March 26, fifteen eighth-grade students, led by Madame Laure Pothain and Madame Solange Kidd went to Nice, France for the French language trip and stayed there for five days and four nights. The purpose of this trip was for students to experience the culture and diversity of France. 

Students were looking forward to the experience for several reasons. “I am most excited to experience the new culture of France that I haven’t been exposed to, so that’s definitely going to be exciting for me,” eighth-grade student Hideki Liu said.

Students went to the beach in Nice to not only look at the great view, but to draw a picture about it. They also visited the Nice Allianz Stadium and National Sporting Museum. They went biking near the seaside during one of the afternoons which was a trip highlight for eighth-grader Lucas Van Hese. “The biking, I liked that a lot, but even though we stopped every five minutes, I still enjoyed it.” 

This was a very enjoyable part of the trip for everyone since students got to see the seaside and enjoy the outdoors

On March 28, the group travelled to Monte Carlo via train to visit the Oceanographic Museum which was extremely fun for everyone. The most famous exhibit in this museum is the whale room in which there is an entire section of sea mammal skeletons. One of the other highlights was seeing the different types of fish as well as the sharks in the aquarium. “My favorite part of the trip was going to see the aquarium,” eighth-grade student Nefeli Dalglish said. The students returned to Nice by boat.

On Friday, the day before returning to London, students went to the Matisse Museum to see the great paintings and sculptures throughout the museum. Matisse was a French artist who was particularly known for his use of color. Students were put in groups to then find five unique paintings and sculptures. The students enjoyed looking throughout the exhibit to see newly presented paintings and buying things in the gift store.

Students went to various restaurants including a regional restaurant, a Lebanese restaurant, a pasta restaurant and a pizza restaurant. 

Eighth grade students have just arrived at Nice during their trip. The Nice trip was to experience the culture and diversity of France, and it included many different stops such as two museums, a bike ride, and aquarium (photo courtesy Ms. Kidd).

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