Eighth-grade students Explore London: Variety is the spice of life

From March 27-29, eighth-grade students who did not attend the Spanish or French language trips took part in one of five Explore London experiences. The activities included Logicapalooza, Chasing China, England Through the Ages, Variety is the Spice of Life, and Literary London & Street Photography.

The Variety is the Spice of Life trip included a large range of activities, from cleaning up litter to puppeteering. On the first day, the students went to a beach in Chalkwell to clean up litter, record what they found, and then upload the data to the Marine Conservation Society as scientific data. 

On the second day, they went to Hampstead Heath and walked from the Hampstead Heath overground stop to Kenwood House, the site of many movie filmings, and Parliament Hill, playing frisbee golf along the way. 

On the final day, they went to the Piccadilly Theatre and took part in a workshop in puppeteering, with someone who worked on the play War Horse

Students play Frisbee Golf in Hampstead Heath. They visited Kenwood House, where many movies were filmed (photo courtesy of Mr. Steege).

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