Eighth-grade students Explore London: Chasing China

From March 27-29, eighth-grade students who did not attend the Spanish or French language trips took part in one of five Explore London experiences. The activities included Logicapalooza, Chasing China, England Through the Ages, Variety is the Spice of Life, and Literary London & Street Photography.

The Chasing China trip kicked off their first day by participating in a Kung fu class at a martial arts school, the Shaolin temple. They practiced meditation, boxing, Kung fu stances, and kicks. Eighth-grader Dolma Lama said, “When doing Kung fu, you really have to focus on your energy and strength which was quite difficult for me.” 

The following day, students participated in a dim-sum making class held at London Cookery School. They learned how to make traditional Chinese dishes such as har-gow and siu-mai. 

On the final day, the group tried Chinese calligraphy and ink painting, traditional Chinese sports, and went on a trip to Chinatown to explore the vibrant Chinese culture and street food that is accessible in London.  

Students learn the basics of Kung fu at a martial arts school. They also were able to explore many aspects of Chinese culture including dim-sum and calligraphy (photo courtesy of Ms. Hayward).

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