Waverley entrance on track

Photo by Lola Henninger

The Waverley entrance construction is on track to open at the beginning of January when students return to school. According to Mr. Jim Heynderickx, the director of operations, the construction was originally scheduled to be completed on December 4 and to be open to students in early January.

The constructors realized that since the entrance was not going to open until January, there was no need to complete the construction in early December. They decided to take their time making sure the quality was up to a high standard instead. Throughout the process, there have been no surprises and the project has run smoothly.

After the construction is completed, many improvements will have been made to improve security and safety. The landing will be larger, include benches, and have a glass roof. This allows for students to wait to be picked up while being protected from rain and in general safety. The steps are made to be non-slip to help improve safety during rain. 

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