MUN delegates debate issue of driverless cars

Eighth graders Ethan Barnet and Ruhan Bhasin participate in the MUN conference.
Courtesy of Ms. Elsea
Eighth grade MUN veteran Daniel de Beer debates on the issue of driverless cars.
Courtesy of Ms. Elsea

Students who participate in Model United Nations (MUN) gathered in the ASL boardroom on November 14 to discuss the issue of driverless cars. The internal conference was chaired by high school students Cameron Maghadam and Isabelle Laxer.

In preparation for their MUN conference, students researched economic consequences, safety concerns, advantages or disadvantages, and regulations surrounding the issue of driverless cars for their respective countries. 

Eighth-grade MUN veteran Daniel de Beer said, “MUN has been a fun experience to argue about your country’s beliefs. My favorite part of this conference was seeing how all the new people did and how involved they were.” 

This year, MUN participation ranges from grades 5-8 and the group includes both newcomers and veterans. 

Eighth-grade newcomer Ethan Barnet said, “The most difficult part of the preparation and conference was the research process and finding your country’s views.” 

Now that he’s had some experience with MUN, Barnet had some advice for someone who has just joined. Barnet said, “I would tell a newcomer not to be scared to put themselves out there and talk.” 

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