New middle school teacher, first impressions: Ms. Bahr

Photo by Alexis Lien

Where are you coming from?
Originally from Minnesota, Ms. Venisha Bahr moved from Oregon to London. In Oregon, she was the library coordinator for fifteen libraries in a public school.

What subject do you teach/ what position do you hold?
Ms. Bahr is a middle school librarian and a sixth-grade advisor.

What were/ have been your first impressions of ASL?
“This is an amazing school.” Ms. Bahr’s first impression of ASL was that “the students are amazing and the teachers are outstanding.” She feels very fortunate to be granted the opportunity to work at ASL.

What is your favorite part of ASL?
Ms. Bahr particularly likes the diverse backgrounds that the community represents and the individual experiences that each and every member brings with them. She is also fascinated by the open-mindedness and their willingness to share their experiences.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
She enjoys reading, running and walking her dog.

What is an interesting fact about you?
Ms. Bahr ensures that she reads more than one book at a time, so that she doesn’t have to suffer feelings of let down at the end of a book. 

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