Towfighi’s Top 3: Hamburgers

Five Guys
5 / 5 Stars |
Little Bacon Burger, Little Fries, and   Regular Drink  £11.25
Address: 5 Argyll St, Soho,
London W1F 7TE
Distance from ASL: 9 minute Tube ride on Jubilee and Central lines to Oxford Circus

The Little Bacon Burger, little fries and regular drink at Five Guys which was first on Towfighi’s Top 3 (photo by Spencer Towfighi).

First, on Towfighi’s Top 3 is Five Guys. To start off with, the location is great. It is a really easy Tube ride from school and takes under 10 minutes.

As for the food, it had an excellent smell and tasted great. The Little Bacon Burger had a delicious patty which was juicy and perfectly cooked and really tasted good. The bacon was in thin strips and was crunchy but not overcooked. It added a nice crunch and taste to go along with the juicy patty. The bun was lightly grilled adding a nice crunch on the outside. The bun was clearly fresh as it was very soft 

The soda machine at Five Guys contains over 100 sodas on offer. The soda cost £2.50, which is expensive, but there are free refills which make up for the high price. 

As for the fries, the taste by themselves wasn’t amazing. They aren’t crunchy enough and the potatoes don’t taste very nice because they are covered in oil. Also, they don’t really complement the burger. On the other hand, with vinegar, the fries taste much better. 

Being a fast food restaurant, Five Guys are expected to have quick service, and they delivered on those expectations as the food came in under three minutes after ordering it. Because of the great location, amazing food, and quick service, Five Guys receives Towfighi’s Top 3 number one ranking.

Shake Shack
4 / 5 Stars
Smoke Shack Burger, Small fries and Small Soda £13.45
Address: 172 Victoria St, Westminster, 
London SW1E 5LB
Distance from ASL: 12 minute Tube ride on Jubilee and Victoria line to Victoria + 3-minute walk

The Smoke Shack Burger, small fries and small soda at Shake Shack. The food tasted great but the expensive price is why it is second on Towfighi’s Top 3 (Photo by Spencer Towfighi).

Second on Towfighi’s Top 3 is Shake Shack. Shake Shack is located in Victoria and is a burger chain around London. Shake Shack’s food was great quality. The burger cost £7.50 but included a very thick patty, perfectly cooked bacon and melted cheese along with the Shack sauce. Altogether, the flavors tasted like a bit too much, but the great individual taste was all that mattered. The fries at Shake Shack were excellent. The crunchy outside but flavourful and salty inside really complemented the meal, and without the fries, this meal might rank a lot lower. 

Shake Shack did have some flaws though, starting with the price. The burger at Shake Shack was very expensive which is a complete negative. Another negative is the location. Compared to the other two restaurants Shake Shack’s location is by far worse as it is a much longer Tube ride and a bit of a walk. Even though there was no one in the restaurant, it still took 10 minutes for the food to be ready. This was incredibly disappointing as Shake Shack considers itself a fast food restaurant yet its food didn’t come fast. Although Shake Shack had great food, the expensive price, far destination, and slow service is why Shake Shack falls to second on Towfighi’s Top 3.

2 / 5 stars
Big Mac, Fries, and Drink £4.89
London NW3 6JP
Distance from ASL: 8 minute Tube ride on Jubilee line to Finchley Road + 4 minute walk

The Big Mac, fries and soda at McDonald’s. Although McDonald’s was the cheapest it was last because of the poor tasting burger.The Big Mac, fries and soda at McDonald’s. Although McDonald’s was the cheapest it was last because of the poor tasting burger (Photo by Spencer Towfighi).

Third on Towfighi’s Top 3 is McDonald’s. Starting with the good, the price at McDonald’s was excellent. 

The Big Mac, which is a double patty, lettuce, American cheese, and McDonald’s special sauce plus fries and a drink, all cost under £5 which out of the three (McDonald’s, Five Guys and Shake Shack) was the best deal by far. 

The fries were also the best out of the three restaurants, they were perfectly crunchy but not overcooked, and the saltiness of the fries tasted excellent.

The location was also really good as it is easy to get there by Tube and is a three-minute walk from the Tube station. 

Sadly, those are the only good things as there are many negatives. To start with, the burger was the worst out of the three by far. The Big Mac’s meat was greasy and the lettuce had no crunch. The special sauce was only on one side of the burger and tasted like bad quality ketchup. It was watery and didn’t fit the burger in the slightest. All of the ingredients that made up the Big Mac tasted unpleasant, making the burger very hard to eat. The incredibly disappointing burger is why McDonald’s falls to last on Towfighi’s Top 3.

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