Hudson’s Hot List: Best Burgers Near ASL

You may love them or you may hate them, however if you love burgers, this is the review for you. It covers some of the closest burger restaurants to ASL: Byron, The Delisserie and Dirty Burger.

Address: 255 Finchley Road
Distance From ASL: 1 Mile

An easy winner for this issue of Hudson’s hot list, Byron has the best burgers hands down. Byron offers a wide range of toppings and sauces and has the best tasting and the highest quality burger. They give you an option of how you’d like your burger cooked and they do an excellent job of suiting your requests. On top of that, the bun is toasted meaning it’s not soggy and gives a nice base for the burger. It offers a large variety of burgers including multiple vegetarian options. The Byron at the O2 Centre is very spacious and can fit well over 50 people and is located on the second floor of the O2 Centre. A burger at Byron costs £9 making it an expensive burger but if you’re looking for a good burger, it is worth it.

The Delisserie
Address: 87 Allitsen Road
Distance From ASL: 0.4 Miles

The Delisserie offers multiple different burgers containing differents meats and vegetables including chicken, haddock, brisket, and more. The beef patty is over cooked and grey leaving it chewy and unpleasant. However, the rest of the burger is quite good. The bun is toasted and has a nice crunch, and the toppings work well together to make the burger more flavourful. The house sauce is also quite nice and is better than both Byron’s and Dirty Burgers house sauce. The sauce at The Delisserie also complements the rest of the burger. It is located just off the St John’s Wood High Street on Allitsen Road. The restaurant is quite large and the booths are very comfortable, plus a burger costs about £8 making it a cheaper option than Dirty Burger, but still a lower quality burger than Byron’s.

Dirty Burger
Address: 128 Allitsen Road
Distance From ASL: 0.4 Miles

A combination of two restaurants Dirty Burger and the Chicken shop serves a mixture of both, as you could probably guess: burgers and chicken. The burgers they serve have good patties, however the bun is soggy which gives the burger a mushy quality. They do offer a vegetarian option containing a mushroom patty for those who don’t eat meat. The restaurant fits over 50 people, whowever it is fairly cramped, however you can get takeaway and the food is normally ready within ten minutes. A burger costs around £9 which, in my opinion, isn’t worth it for the low quality burger they serve as well as the sides which are the most expensive at all restaurants.

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