Ski trip needs to be added to athletics curriculum

Ski competitions can attract many international competitors from around Europe and the world. This would benefit the community as it shows other people’s talents and would show people’s talents who are not necessarily highlighted in sports such as tennis and basketball (photo courtesy of Talitha Stern).

At ASL, there are many sport choices for students to choose but one of the sports which we don’t include is skiing. Skiing is a sport where students can challenge themselves and also have a great time. I believe that there should be a ski trip as well as a team which trains after school at an indoor ski arena.

Many students and teachers are probably thinking, skiing, where will we practice? Pupils can conveniently train at Hemel Hempstead which is an indoor ski slope only 30 minutes away from ASL. If the trip were available, added to our program, which would be either for a long weekend as in four days, missing two days of school, or during a holiday break, we would travel to locations such as Switzerland, France, Scotland or Austria and ski on the glaciers all within an hour’s plane ride.

Mr. Akay Mustafa, the middle school athletics director, said “skiing would be a wonderful addition to our program because the core strength and coordination would be useful in any other sport.” Additionally, he said, “I am all for extra curricular trips. Classroom environments are amazing but I also believe that to be a well-rounded student you need to have access to different field trips.” This shows that to be a well rounded ASL student we must be able to have a ski trip as well as a ski team.

Elena Muri, a sixth grade student, said, “I think it would be great idea because it gives students an opportunity to go beyond what ASL is giving them and try new things.” Moreover, Elena said, “If the ski trip were added I would be really ecstatic because I don’t do ASPs because they don’t show my inner self and a skiing trip really would show my talents.” Elena said that having a ski trip would be great because the trip can show others her passion for skiing.

Talitha Stern participates in a ski competition in France. She believes that ASL should have a ski team and encourages all those in the Middle School to join the team (photo courtesy of Talitha Stern).

A physical education teacher, Miss Hayley Canton, said, “having a ski trip would be fun and a superb challenge for students to face because I know that I even face this challenge.” Furthermore, she said, “this would be good for our approaches to learning for resilience because skiing is mostly about getting back up again and trying your best.”

Director of Student Life Mr. Payson Bullard said, “if the students are for it, I would be for this idea.”  Adding on to this, he said that if many students liked this idea, he would be someone who would be backing up having a ski trip.

This trip would be organized by the athletic program and if students would want this wonderful opportunity, they would sign up, a maximum of twenty people out of the whole middle school would be able to go. The names of students who signed up would be put in a hat and be picked at random, a bit like a lottery. If the ski trip would be added, it would be open to the whole middle school.

If a ski trip were added, many students would have the chance to show, as Miss Spector would say, “the part of the iceberg which is under the water,” meaning some people only show the top part which is visible and the not the bottom which isn’t clear. This would let students get to know each other better and have a chance of skiing.

In essence, having a ski trip would be a excellent idea because it would create friendships in a different environment and help students demonstrate resilience, one of our approaches to learning.

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