Hudson’s Hot List: Dessert

For the final installment of Hudson’s Hot List I’ve decided to review the nearest dessert restaurants to ASL. So, if you have a sweet tooth or are just looking for an ice cream on a hot day, this is the prefect article for you.

Address: 4-6, Northways Parade
Distance From ASL: 0.7 Miles

Sprinkles is an ice cream parlor located on Finchley Road with ice cream for everybody’s taste. Sprinkles has dozens of different flavors that range from just plain vanilla to strawberry cheesecake. Their ice cream not only has a large variety and good texture, but they also serve other desserts such as crepes, waffles, and sundaes. Their dessert prices are reasonable; however, they are more expensive than Unico’s. When it comes to the store itself, Sprinkles has a very large space and is a good place to sit and hang out with friends. It is walking distance from the school which makes it convenient for groups of friends whether you’re looking for ice cream on a hot day or just something sweet. I would recommend going to Sprinkles if you want to go with a group of friends to sit, talk, and enjoy some ice cream.

The Bread Shop:
Address: 65 St John’s Wood High Street
Distance: 0.3 Miles

The Bread Shop is a store on the St. John’s Wood High Street which mainly focuses on pastries and bread. It is well known around ASL for its quarkinis, which are dough balls covered in sugar and cinnamon. Although the Bread Shop doesn’t serve ice cream like the other two restaurants, it has lots of other kinds of desserts that make up for their lack of ice cream. They have brownies, muffins, and other pastries that are made fresh and can be heated up upon request. They shop itself is quite small and there is almost no space to sit and eat with only two tables outside and a small bar inside. All in all if you’re looking for pastries than the Bread Shop is the best place for you. However, if you want ice cream you’d be strongly disappointed.

Address: 138 St John’s Wood High Street
Distance From ASL: 0.3 Miles

Unico is a new gelato parlor located on the St. John’s Wood High Street which has recently replaced Gelato Mio. They have a smaller collection of ice cream and desserts than Sprinkles; however, their gelato has a better texture and tastes better than Sprinkles’. As for the ambiance, Unico is very cramped and it’s more of a takeout place. Going there with more than a few people would be very difficult if you want to sit because there are usually only a few seats available. Other than ice cream, the only dessert they serve is waffles, so if you’re looking for other desserts as well as ice cream, I’d recommend Sprinkles. However, Unico has the best ice cream out of the three, so if your priority is some great ice cream, Unico is your best bet.

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