Hudson’s Hot List: Sushi

Yo! Sushi:
Address: 255 Finchley Road
Distance From ASL: 1 Mile

Yo! Sushi is a Kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi bar located in the O2 Center on Finchley Road. The way a Kaiten sushi bar works is by the chefs continuously making sushi. Then the sushi is put on the conveyer belt with a certain color bowl. Each bowl has a different price depending on the type of sushi in it. Customers then take whatever they like off the conveyer belt, but some of the sushi rotating on the conveyor belt seems to be left out for too long although the packaged sushi is fresh and has a large variety. You can get a takeaway sushi meal here for about £6-10 or stay and enjoy a meal in the vibrant restaurant. The chefs stand in the center of the restaurant surrounded by a bar where you can watch them prepare the sushi and other hot foods. There are also many booths where groups can enjoy a meal. The entire restaurant can easily fit over 50 people. With its enjoyable atmosphere and good sushi Yo! Sushi is number one on the list.


Sushi and More:
Address: 9 Northways Parade
Distance From ASL: 0.7 Miles
Website: N/A

Sushi and More is a small restaurant run by a married couple just off Finchley Road that serves a mixture of Japanese and Korean food. The sushi is by far the best out ofYo! Sushi and Mori with fresh fish and rice, however their sushi has very little diversity and is entirelysalmon with no other types of sushi whatsoever. The restaurant itself is small and at maximum capacity could fit 20 people although it does have an enjoyable cozy home-like feeling. It comes second as it has a nice environment and good prices but lacks the diversity of sushi to make it number one.



Address: 84 St. Johns Wood High Street
Distance From ASL: 0.4 Miles:

Located towards the bottom of the St. .Johns Wood High Street Mori’s sushi is decent yet expensive. It seems like it’s been out for too long with the rice being hard and tasteless. The fish is not as bad but, still seems like it’s been out too long as some of the tuna had begun to go partially brown.  The boxes of sushi they sell are large and offer a variety of nigiri and maki although this does mean if you are looking for a certain type of sushi you’ll have to buy an entire box to get it. The average price for a meal is £8-12. The restaurant itself decently sized being able to fit 25-30 people. Overall Mori comes third on the list having high prices for medium quality sushi.

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