Students vary methods of transportation

Students at ASL get to school in many different ways. A survey uncovered some very interesting facts. Two hundred and twenty-seven students answered the survey. In the survey there were six choices: bicycle/scooter, London Transport bus, or the Underground.

Out of the 227 students, 94 students walk to school, 55 students take the school bus, 53 students take a car, 13 students take the Underground, 11 take the London Transport bus, and no one takes a bicycle or scooter.

A surprising fact is that 12 of the 28 fifth graders walk to school. That’s almost half of the fifth graders who completed the survey. Four of the fifth graders take the school bus, three of them take a London Transport bus, two take the Underground, and seven take a car to school. In sixth grade 15 students walk, 15 students take a car, 18 students take a school bus and two students take the Underground to school. As you can see, the same number of sixth graders who take a car to school walk to school.

When asked what would be the most efficient way of getting to school for yourself, sixth grader Ashley Koski said a car. Her reasons are that she lives 45 minutes away from the school if taking the Tube. And it will take more than 45 minutes if Ashley walks to school, so a car is the best option.


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