From our shelf to yours: Must-read books for back to school

If you love to read poetry or you’re looking for a break from your usual novel, this is the book for you. Girl Coming in For a Landing by April Halprin Wayland is a compilation of beautifully written poems, no longer than a page or two each.

The poems each tell of an event happening in the life of a typical teenage girl throughout one school year. In just 134 pages, the novel explains complicated friendships in middle school, growing up, being new, and first love. Each poem is printed alongside an illustration, drawn by Elaine Clayton, representing the main message or idea of the poem.

I really enjoyed this as it made me stop, think, and take in what I just read instead of rushing through the story like when reading a normal chapter book. The book was first published in 2002. However the voice and the issues explored in it and are still applicable to someone in middle school today.

Overall, the book was unlike anything I’ve read before, and I liked it for its relatable tone, detailed illustrations, and how it made me think deeper about my own life and appreciate the people around me.

I would recommend Girl Coming in For a Landing to any seventh or eighth grade student wanting to challenge themselves to read a new genre and branch out of their comfort zone in reading. It could also be for a girl or boy who enjoys reading poetry but is still required to read a novel. Give this book a chance, and let yourself get wrapped up in each delightful page.

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