Grade 7 girls soccer team’s hard work pays off

Kyle Kettler (7) shoots the ball against Hillingdonb at mid-season jamboree on October 23 while Cathrine Fennelly (7) and Hannah Lavine (7) wait for a possible rebound after the shot. (Photo by Stella Schabel).

This season, twelve girls went out to compete on the seventh grade girls soccer team. The girls came out of the season as better and stronger players. “The girls have worked so hard on empathy and respect on the field and they have come such a far way,” said Ms. Melanie Manuel, the assistant coach of the team.

At the mid-season jamboree at Cobham on September 23rd, the girls won all of their three games. “The girls know how to play with respect,” said coach Manuel. “When they get ahead in a game I can see them turning to each other and trying to find ways to learn the skill we taught them without having to score.”

The girls knew how to play with humility and grace and that’s big part about playing a game with a team. Even though the girls already had the skill, they we’re able to improve in communication and trust on each other.

The girls worked hard throughout the whole season focusing on skills that were essential to have during the game and respect off the field. “At our first game we all couldn’t count on each other to get the job done,” said seventh grader Faustina Tavassoli. “But even by the third game we could all pass knowing a teammate would be in the right spot.”

The season was filled with many different struggles, one of the hardest being their game against Cobham at Canon’s Park on October 10th. “They all played really clumped together near the net so it was really hard for us to get a shot off,” said mid-field Hannah Levine. The girls went on to win that game 3-1. “This game really taught the girls the benefit of encouragement when you’re on and off the field,” said Mr. Danny Cook, the head coach of the girls’ team.

  “It was hard for the girls to find a tough challenge,” said coach Cook. The team was undefeated and that had nothing to do with luck. Most girls played for a club outside of the school team that gave them the skill to play the game. “The girls this year are all so talented.” said Coach Manuel.

The girls had some trouble with the ability to transition to a new team. “Lots of us play for different clubs including this soccer team, and it was hard to get used to playing with a new team,” said Tavasoli. “At the beginning of the season we would pass somewhere and hope it went to one of our teammates. Now we can pass and know the someone will be there to receive a pass.”

The seventh grade girl soccer team no doubt has skill but the girls have shown immense change in trust in each other throughout the season. They learned how improved and adapt to different a different team not just as individual players but as an entire team.

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