Grade 8 girls soccer have rewarding season

Eighth grader Maddie WIlkin dribbles the ball up the field against Hillingdon at Cobham on September 23 at the Mid-Season Jamboree. The girls won this game 8-0 (Photo by Sofia Michaelides).

This season, 13 girls participated in Grade 8 soccer, each one with a different skill set. Girls got a chance to play new positions and have many opportunities to try new things. The girls have played teams including ACS Hillingdon, Marymount, ACS Cobham.

Every game played was successful, and each one brought new skill to the team. “I’m proud the girls were able to step up as athletes and leaders and show the right example to other teams,” said Laura Brucker, the coach of the team.

Coach Brucker explained that their biggest strength was also their biggest weakness. “The girls are all so close with each other that it’s hard to keep everyone focused, although this does mean that they are very good with communicating with each other on the field.”

The first game the girls played against this season was ACS Hillingdon, at Canons Park on September 14. They were able to come out with a victory of 7-0. “I think winning the first game gave us the confidence to move on with season, and made us more determined to practice hard and win,” said eighth-grader Natalie Burke.

During the mid-season jamboree, the girls stayed positive despite the three back-to-back games. “If I had to choose one highlight of the season so far it would definitely be the Jamboree,” said eighth-grader Maddie Wilkin. “During the Jamboree we were all able to find each other’s strengths’ and weakness’ on the team and use it for the greater good of the team.”

The girls ended up winning games against Hillingdon 8-0 and Cobham 5-2 and tying one against Marymount 1-1, with great saves by the goalie Meghan Lang at the Cobham game.

Despite the team not having many games because Egham and TASIS didn’t have grade 8 girls soccer teams. the girls found a way to just enjoy being on a team and working with one another and not just winning. 

Although there was a variety of skill level on the team, everyone was determined to work hard and do their absolute best. Multiple people were scoring, assisting and passing every game. “A difficult challenge during the season was definitely our game against Marymount,” said Wilkin of their 1-1 tie at the Jamboree. “They had similar strengths to our team, and it was hard for us to adapt to their way of playing.”

Overall, even though the eighth-grade girls soccer team had a challenging first half of the season, it was still successful and everyone had a good experience. “By the end of the jamboree, the girls were working as a team and not as individuals anymore,” said Coach Brucker.

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