Students travel the world over winter break

Over the winter break, many ASL students took advantage of the two week school holiday to visit a variety of places around the world, although weather challenged some travel plans. Some students visited their extended families to be together over the holidays. Another popular choice was taking a recreational trip, or combining both and taking family members with them on relaxing vacations. For example, Tristan Weiss, a fifth grader, took a trip with his family to Madrid to experience the culture.

Visiting extended family over winter break is a very popular tradition, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday. Many people’s families live in different parts of the world, and therefore students travelled to a range of places, including the United States and elsewhere.

Another option was taking recreational trips. Some popular activities were skiing and hiking, as well as getting away from the cold with a beach vacation. Fifth grader Joshua Berner travelled to Italy to ski with his parents; incidentally Darren Morris and Gabriel Romualdo also went to the same resort to ski with their parents. Joshua said he enjoyed skiing because he was able to ski with both family and friends. Unfortunately for most skiers, Europe got a very small portion of snow in December, giving many mountains very icy conditions.

Dexter James, another fifth grader, travelled to the Lake District in northern England. This was a difficult trip, as heavy rain was pouring down all over the North. “We stayed far away from the flooding,” said James.

London calls to many over the holiday season for many reasons. One of them is the thousands of lights draped over trees all around the city.  This makes for beautiful scenery and a wintery atmosphere.   In addition, there are a wide variety of different theater productions, including both classics and pantos. People from all corners of the world visit, as the city has a great holiday buzz to it.

There were many vacation (or even staycation) possibilities, including family time, trips, a combination of both, or staying in London for the festive period. Weather aside, most ASL students enjoyed their holidays. Overall, many places all over the world host a range of holiday activities, from skiing to huge Christmas trees, and each place has its special way of celebrating.

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